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Change Log

Fixed broken formatting on the site
Fixed a few typos

Added sth: Boom
Added sth: Mania
Added The L Word: Simone
Added The Left Turntable

Added Catholic School 6
Added The Drastic
Added An Electric Campfire
Added Electric Solstice
Added Father Gayle and the Priestly Nuns
Added the forgotten
Added Subconscious Deception
Added Unsolved Mysteries
Added Wednesdays With Steve Jobs
Added Hamiltonization: TheSilentRevolution
Added Hangover Music
Added Jesus & Santa Claus
Added Sarcasm
Added "Modern Art!"
Added Unintervention
Added Windexable

Added People vs. Us
Added The Pontifex Complex
Added Punkadelic
Added Reprimandment Of The Gods
Added Turn First Sessions
Added The Casket Match

Site created