Welcome to The Charles Hamilton Music Project. This is my collection of Charles Hamilton’s music. You can download my collection from here.

For changes, please see the Changelog

Please be aware that starting in 2017, I am no longer seeking out new projects on my own, due to time constrainsts. All projects that I have added in 2018 (and beyond) have been sent to me. I will gladly add any projects that you guys send in.

You can purchase a hardcopy (CD and/or Vinyl) of The Pink Lavalamp here. Please be aware that I am not affiliated with that page in anyway. But I have purchased a few copies from there and they all arrived.

Charles has a new site where you can buy projects in digital format. You can check it out here. Please be aware that I am not affiliated with that page in anyway.

I have been asked about an easier way to find projects on here. You can search using your browser by using ctrl+F or if on a Mac cmd+F.

If you have projects, artwork, songs, found something not working, or just want to reach out then e-mail me at

The projects that are listed below, are not available in my collection for 1 of 2 reasons. 1)I do not have the project. 2)The project is not posted because it is beneficial to CH for it not to be

The Black Box (iTunes/Amazon)
Hamilton, Charles (iTunes/Amazon/Google Play/Spotify)
Abracadabra (3rd Eye Magic) (Soundcloud/Spotify)

An Electric Campfire(Bandcamp)
The Casket Match(Bandcamp)
Catholic School 6(Bandcamp)
The Drastic(Bandcamp)
Electric Solstice (Bandcamp)
Father Gayle and the Priestly Nuns (Bandcamp)
the forgotten (Bandcamp)
Hamiltonization: TheSilentRevolution (Bandcamp)
Hangover Music (Bandcamp)
Jesus & Santa Claus (Bandcamp)
The L Word: Simone (Bandcamp)
The Left Turntable (Bandcamp)
"Modern Art!" (Bandcamp)
People vs. Us (Bandcamp)
The Pontiflex Complex (Bandcamp)
Punkadelic (Bandcamp)
Reprimandment Of The Gods (Bandcamp)
Sarcasm (Bandcamp)
sth: Boom (Bandcamp)
sth: Mania (Bandcamp)
Subconscious Deception (Bandcamp)
Turn First Sessions (Bandcamp)
Unintervention (Bandcamp)
Unsolved Mysteries (Bandcamp)
Wednesdays With Steve Jobs(Bandcamp