Welcome to The Charles Hamilton Music Project. This is a not full but large collection of Charles Hamilton’s music. You can download the collection from here.

For changes, please see the changelog

Please be aware that starting in 2017, I am no longer seeking out new projects on my own, due to time constrainsts. All projects that I have added in 2018 (and beyond) have been sent to me. I will gladly add any projects that you guys send in.

You can purchase a hardcopy (CD and/or Vinyl) of The Pink Lavalamp here. Please be aware that I am not affiliated with that page in anyway. But I have purchased a few copies from there and they all arrived.

Charles has a new site where you can buy projects in digital format. You can check it out here. Please be aware that I am not affiliated with that page in anyway.

Hamilton also has a tumblr if you would like to follow it here

I have been asked about an easier way to find projects on here. You can search using your browser by using ctrl+F or if on a Mac cmd+F.

If you have projects, artwork, songs, found something not working, or just want to reach out then e-mail me at

The projects that are listed below, are not available in the collection for 1 of 2 reasons. 1)I do not have the project. 2)The project is not posted because it is beneficial to CH for it not to be

The Black Box (iTunes/Amazon)
Hamilton, Charles (iTunes/Amazon/Google Play/Spotify)
Abracadabra (3rd Eye Magic) (Soundcloud/Spotify)

An Electric Campfire(Bandcamp)
The Casket Match(Bandcamp)
Catholic School 6(Bandcamp)
The Drastic(Bandcamp)
Electric Solstice (Bandcamp)
Father Gayle and the Priestly Nuns (Bandcamp)
the forgotten (Bandcamp)
Hamiltonization: TheSilentRevolution (Bandcamp)
Hangover Music (Bandcamp)
Jesus & Santa Claus (Bandcamp)
The L Word: Simone (Bandcamp)
The Left Turntable (Bandcamp)
"Modern Art!" (Bandcamp)
People vs. Us (Bandcamp)
The Pontiflex Complex (Bandcamp)
Punkadelic (Bandcamp)
Reprimandment Of The Gods (Bandcamp)
Sarcasm (Bandcamp)
sth: Boom (Bandcamp)
sth: Mania (Bandcamp)
Subconscious Deception (Bandcamp)
Turn First Sessions (Bandcamp)
Unintervention (Bandcamp)
Unsolved Mysteries (Bandcamp)
Wednesdays With Steve Jobs(Bandcamp)